Q :  What is your favorite part of being in Elizabeth’s studio?

“Once someone is welcomed into the studio they become family. Elizabeth encourages her students to give the kind of support that they themselves want to receive. This overwhelming support helps every student become a strong, confident player.” -Cameron

"My favorite part about the Elizabeth Faidley studio, apart from the masterful teaching, is the warm, welcoming group of people that make up our studio. When I joined the studio 4 years ago, I not only gained a wonderful teacher, but also a supportive group of friends. With an annual summer camp, various studio recitals throughout the school year, and social media connection, our studio has truly become family.  I believe that these relationships are what make our studio unique and they are my favorite aspect of being a part of this extremely special group of people. We understand each other through our mutual love for music and we have created bonds that will remain throughout our lives."  -Maia, 18

"Elizabeth saved my violin career. When I walked into the audition room at the Manhattan School of Music five years ago, I was a terrified thirteen year old. I played what may have been one of the worst auditions in the history of the school, and I walked out of the room. We had never met before, but as I was walking down the hallway, Elizabeth left the audition room, came up to me, and told me to walk in again and give it another try. I'm not sure if that had ever been done before, or if has been done since, but I found myself playing a second, much better, audition. I managed to receive a callback, and even though I didn't get in to the school that year, I left that audition room with something infinitely more important: A person who would profoundly change my life. She saw something in me when nobody else could, and gave me the second chance I desperately needed.

Today, I am the concertmaster of the Manhattan School of Music Philharmonic, and my violin playing has improved to such an extent that I would not even recognize the player from 5 years ago. But Elizabeth is so much more than an incredible teacher (although that she is). She is a mentor, a friend, a confidant. She has become a second mother to me, and I'd venture to guess that most of her students would say the same. She is emotionally invested in not only my playing, but my entire life. She has been happy with me, been sad with me, laughed with me, and cried with me. I am going off to college next year, but I honestly don't know what I am going to do without her, because there is not a violin teacher, or person, on the planet who is as gifted, hardworking, caring, nurturing, and above all loving, as Elizabeth Faidley."  -Andrew, 17

“Thank you for being such a supportive, inspiring, and caring teacher. I feel so lucky to be learning from you because you help me grow as both a musician and a person. Literally nothing is more motivating than your work ethic and dedication to everything that you do. You celebrate victories with me, and you help me bounce back after failures. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that you work so hard to provide for your students, and I also have made so many great friends in the studio—a testament to the amazing community that you nurture. Seeing you every Sunday always makes my day and I leave each lesson with a smile. Thank you so much!” -Elizabeth, 15