The Elizabeth Faidley Violin Studio

  • Elizabeth Faidley has one of the most extraordinary classes I have ever seen. This is a close knit group of young, passionate and talented violinists who receive a great deal of input from the most devoted teacher I have ever observed. Elizabeth shapes the lives of these young musicians with inspired teaching and the incredible ability to create endless performing opportunities. Master Classes with renowned concert violinists from around the world is the norm if you are lucky enough to be part of her class. My daughter was, and the growth she experienced in her two years was life-changing!
    — -Peter Winograd, American String Quartet
  • Elizabeth achieves stunning results because she is a teacher who focuses with complete purpose and clarity on each student as a violinist and as a whole person. Her dedication to nurturing and creating “best of class” musicians and her willingness to devote the time and energy necessary to do this in today’s rarified and competitive environment earn complete devotion from students and parents alike. My daughter considers Elizabeth to be one of her best friends as well as her most respected and adored teacher. Elizabeth has not only elevated her playing to an entirely new level and challenged her to reach far beyond what she had imagined… she has also given her the self-confidence to do this…a truly precious gift! Cameron happily puts in hours of work and practice, because Elizabeth does the same and is an incredible role model. I believe that in working with Elizabeth, we have gained not only a teacher, but a partner and mentor for life…she is a passionate and formidable force in the music world and expects nothing less from her violin families…and the results speak for themselves!
    —Sharon, mother of Cameron, 15
  • After eight years of working with various teachers, my daughter and I were looking for help with her violin technique when we were lucky enough to find Elizabeth. In her kind, gracious and patient manner, she deconstructed the years of poor habits and quickly built up the proper technique. The improvement in my daughter’s playing was audible almost immediately. Aside from her innate understanding of the violin and her ability to derive its best sound through any child, Elizabeth has a unique connection to her students. She treats them with respect and humor, and is always looking for creative ways to drive the lessons home. She has elevated my daughter’s confidence in her playing and re-ignited her love and appreciation for the violin. Elizabeth is a rare find - an incredibly talented and accomplished musician with a love of and a gift for teaching.
    — Pat, mother of Alex, 15
  • It is extremely rare to find a wonderfully talented musician who is also a superb teacher, but Elizabeth is one of those rare finds! She is amazingly dedicated to her students and their progress as musicians. Her instruction goes way beyond a weekly lesson to performance and competition preparation, masterclasses, and even camps. My daughter, Margot, started with Elizabeth when she was looking for a teacher to help take her playing to the next level, and she found that and so much more. She also found a teacher who cares about her as a person, as well as a student, and who Margot truly considers a mentor as well as an instructor.
    — Laurie, Mother of Margo, 14
  • Elizabeth puts an unparalleled amount of planning and care into her teaching. She cares about each student as an individual and knows how to give each student exactly what they need to help them achieve their goals. She knows how to push her students to the best of their potential through encouragement and support. Elizabeth has high demands for all of her students, but it never feels like too much because she shows you exactly how to meet them and you know she will always be there to help you. I have been devoted to her for 6 years.
    — Sara, 22

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I teach a large studio of talented and motivated students in the New York Tri-State Area.

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Elizabeth Faidley is one of the premiere violin teachers in the New York tri-state area. She is currently on faculty at the Manhattan School of Music and maintains a studio of talented and motivated students.