Theory for the Aspiring Violinist  $25.00

Theory for the Aspiring Violinist


Theory for the Aspiring Violinist is a special learning system designed to take your violinist from note reading to key signature mastery to scale and interval identification. Unlike the majority of other theory workbooks, “Aspiring Violinist” is written specifically for violinists. The system combines an extremely thorough workbook, specially designed flash cards, and over 60 dictation exercises that accompany each lesson. This system was written for violinists of many ages and levels, from young children playing in the Suzuki books to violinists performing the intermediate and advanced repertoire. The system is designed to be worked through at one’s own pace, allowing for the best learning experience for each individual. What will remain constant among all students is the acquiring of a thorough grasp of the essential basics of music theory.

“All of my students start this theory book when they begin Book 3.  It has been tremendously helpful in the foundations of note reading and interval identification!  We are marking half steps everywhere!” - Ashley, Savannah, GA

“Terrific resource.  We use the flash cards at every lesson. Structure is well organized and clear.  The students enjoy completing each lesson." - Daniel, Tacoma, WA

"THANK YOU.  Finally!  A theory book NOT geared towards pianists!  Enjoyed going through it with my sample student and will be opening it up to my Suzuki studio.  I highly recommend!" - Francesca, New York City, NY

"My 8-YO son started this book last year and is going through it again.  He has really benefitted from everything from the flashcards to the CD and aural skills development.  Did you write a cello version?  My daughter needs it!" - Agenta, Copenhagen, Denmark

“This theory book is excellent.  It really takes the student through the foundations of theory from the violinist’s eye.  Thanks, Elizabeth!” - Sandra, Dayton OH