Mentors and Minions

“We created Mentors & Minions as a way to bridge the gap between the older and younger studio members. High school students (the "mentors") are paired with elementary aged students (the "minions").  We felt that having a role model as a young violinist is particularly helpful because our mentors give the minions advice, support, and someone to confide in.

Throughout the year, our mentors and minions have emailed, texted, and had had in person and skype lessons.  We are so proud that our pairs have really gotten to know each other and have forged memorable relationships."


 - Maia and Adriana, Directors

“I love to see the special relationships that are coming out of Mentors and Minions.  Some of the pairs have a weekly lesson!  Another minion has supported her mentor at every single recital event (and with flowers!)  The minions are really gaining a friend for life and a wonderful role model.” -Elizabeth

“I really liked performing with the teenagers. Lauren, my mentor, is really patient and teaches me ways to practice.”

- Ethan, 10

“I love that Andre is really determined. He wants to do everything to the best of his ability in music and sports. It's impressive for a kid his age. He is also really enthusiastic about playing violin with his violin choir buddies (The Troublemakers+Mia) which is great to see!”  

- Nivi

“I love how enthusiastic Elliot is, and how open to working with me he is.  We bond really well as M and M!”  


“I love working with Ethan and seeing him improve so rapidly.  It’s so rewarding!!”