Ensembles and Classes

The Elizabeth Faidley Studio has multiple ensembles and classes for students of all ages and levels, from pre-twinklers, to advanced pre-conservatory students. 

Violin Virtuosi

The Violin Virtuosi is in its 4th year as an elite performance ensemble.  The ensemble is very unique and plays an array of music written for violin ensembles of different parts.  Important emphasis is placed on playing as a chamber ensemble and communicating with one another.  The Violin Virtuosi represent The Elizabeth Faidley Studio in public and performed with The NY Concerti Sinfonietta at Carnegie Hall in October, 2017.   We are expecting that the Violin Virtuosi can tour and perform more in the future.  

The Preparatory Violin Ensemble

The Preparatory Violin Ensemble is an ensemble that will prepare your violinist for selection and participation in The Violin Virtuosi in the coming year(s).  The training for communication and ensemble playing begins here!  The group will work closely together to learn different styles of music and take turns gaining leadership experience.  The social aspect of playing and performing together will also strengthen your violinist’s love of music and friendship.   

Chamber Orchestra

This is the inaugural year of The Elizabeth Faidley Chamber Orchestra!   We will begin with three violin parts and cello, and expand as we go!   We will begin with fun repertoire such as the Holberg Suite by Greig and Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.  We will strive to learn proper orchestra etiquette and combine our sounds to make beautiful music.   We will also invite special helper teachers to help us along the path!  Michael Wittenburg will conduct the Chamber Orchestra.