Pre-Twinkling to the Stars  $20.00

Pre-Twinkling to the Stars


Pre-Twinkling to the Stars is a wonderful compilation of all of the songs and technical guidance you will need to begin your violinists' exciting journey. Specific checklists, games, practice charts, beautiful pictures, and recordings with spoken instruction will help navigate your adventure BEFORE Twinkle begins!


"This is a must-have for every Suzuki teacher!  The photos are beautiful and the "parent instructions" are clear and understand.  All of the parents in my studio really appreciate having this as a resource before starting Twinkle."- Angela, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Wonderful Pre-Twinkle book!  Excellent illustrations and organization of pedagogical concepts.  A great way to help the parents get started.  The students really like the practice lists at the end." - Richard, Los Angeles, California

"I love this Pre Twinkle book!  My older two children didn't have a resource like this and Twinkle was like going off the high dive!  This book enters the waters of violin playing naturally and with care and beauty."- Laura, UK