Masterclass with Ray Chen! October, 2015

We had a fantastic time at our studio masterclass with Ray Chen!

"Ray Chen is one of the best masterclass teachers that I have had the privilege to participate in. He engages everyone not only because of all of the information he holds, but because of his bright, ecstatic personality. For this masterclass, we played pieces that he was going to play in a few days then for a recital at Lincoln Center. It was a unique experience to hear him play for us his own interpretation of the pieces we all played. This really opened my eyes to how a small section of a piece can be played in so many different ways but sound good to different ears."

-Coco, 15

Although I have played for many amazing musicians in a variety of settings, performing in a masterclass held by Ray Chen was certainly the biggest honor and privilege of my violin career thus far. He is obviously an extraordinary musician, but he is also an incredible teacher and perhaps most importantly a genuinely good person..  

 - Andrew, 17

Masterclass with Charlie Siem! November, 2015

The studio had a wonderful time working with Charlie Siem this winter!

The masterclass with Charlie Siem taught me about the level of attention to detail that is required for a successful interpretation of a piece. When I played the first line of Wieniawski D Minor, he focused on the ethereal quality of the entrance, the phrasing of the passage itself, and the deliberate, lingering release of the last note. Before the masterclass, I had an internal understanding of what I wanted the piece to convey, but Siem helped me transfer the thoughts to my fingers.   

-Nivi, 17

I really enjoyed the class with Charlie Siem. I felt he was very helpful in the way he taught  me to think about the emotion of the piece I am playing. Another thing I find really helpful that we worked on was staying "in the strings" so not to lose the energy of the phrase I am playing. It was a really great experience and feel fortunate to have been given the chance to take a Master class with Him.

-Ryan, 11

Masterclass with Stefan Jackiw! March, 2016

Recently our studio had the chance to work with world-renowned soloist Stefan Jackiw!!

Our students had an incredible time.

"Stefan Jackiw is one of my inspirations for the violin and it meant so much to have him hear me play and help me. It was because of Stefan that I began Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, and at the masterclass I really felt his love for the piece in person. He told my studio (during the Q and A) about how one's love for music is the most important aspect in a musician's career, and how if he can make someone else love a piece as much as he does, that's when something great is accomplished. I told him that he made me love Scottish Fantasy, and he signed my piano part saying "I'm so glad you love this piece as much as I do" -Stefan Jackiw."

- Coco, 15

"My masterclass experience was very enlightening! I learned how important it is to listen to and understand the entire violin concerto - both the violin solo and the orchestral accompaniment. Stefan really emphasized the importance of listening to every note and phrase of Barber (of my part and the piano's!) in order to comprehend Barber's reasoning behind his musical choices, interpret his score, and create a story."

-Lauren, 15

In the masterclass with Stefan Jackiw, I played the first movement of Mozart’s fifth violin concerto. Jackiw emphasized that although Mozart violin concertos are not explicitly operas, dramatic characters manifest themselves in the emotional versatility of the pieces. He taught me how to convey these characters via variations in vibrato speed, dynamic, and bow pressure. Jackiw’s advice was extremely valuable and applicable to many of the pieces I play.   

-Nivi, 17

My favorite part of our masterclass with Mr. Jackiw was when he demonstrated Zapateado to show how joyful the piece should be played. It was an honor to hear him play so close up and it was interesting to see how he manipulated the violin and bow to create an amazing sound.   

-Maia, 17