Studio Discussion #5

Studio Discussion Five

And now onto a slightly more subtle selection than our last entry ; ) - Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata.

Repertoire: Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata

Suggested Recordings:

1. Rachel Barton Pine program notes here 

2. Anne-Sophie Mutter recording here, but any recording is fine!


1. After listening to the first link to Rachel Barton Pine's program notes on the sonata, discuss your thoughts on the importance of speaking/connecting to your audience.

2. What are your overall reactions to the sonata? You may consider the progression of mood and character through the movements, specific characteristics that are Beethoven-esque, comparisons and contrasts to other Beethoven works (sonati, symphonies, chamber works, etc.) - ultimately, you should share any and all observations and thoughts you feel are pertinent, valuable, and/or interesting.


Have fun! :)



Studio Discussion #2

Thanks to everyone for some really great discussion last week about one of the most beloved pieces in our repertoire.  It seems that everyone enjoyed listening to and discussing the Tchaikovsky a great deal - hopefully this week’s assignment will encourage just as many great observations and thoughts!

Repertoire: Beethoven’s 3rd (Eroica) 6th (Pastorale) and 9th Symphonies. First movements required, all welcome.

Suggested Recording: Your choice!  Let us know which it is, and if it’s a favorite, why.

Discussion Guidelines: Discuss similarities and differences between these three landmark symphonies, with special consideration to Beethoven’s stylistic evolution over this 20 year span of his life.  What makes all of these symphonies expressly “Beethoven”, and what makes them respective examples of “Beethoven v.1804”, “Beethoven v.1808” and “Beethoven v.1824”?

Outside sources and readings are welcomed and encouraged to familiarize yourself with Beethoven’s life, compositional periods, and characteristics to listen for, but be sure to use this research to develop your own original ideas and observations.