Studio Discussion #4

Studio Discussion Four

Back to the world of violin repertoire! We make this transition with perhaps the most violinistic of all our repertoire - Paganini Caprices.

Repertoire: 3 Paganini Caprices - #24, and two additional of your choice

Suggested Recordings: A plethora available on YouTube or iTunes - you pick!

Assignment: 1. Listen to Paganini Caprice #24, and two additional Paganini Caprices of your choice, and list them.

2. Share your reactions to each - overall impressions, what you like, what you dislike, both about the pieces and the specific performances you listen to.

3. Point out specific techniques in the caprices that also appear in any repertoire you are currently working on. (List what repertoire and where the technique occurs so we all can see the connections.)