Studio Discussion #1


Repertoire: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Suggested recording: David Oistrakh

Discussion Guidelines: We start our journey into the vast classical repertoire with one of our best known concertos.  To get the ball rolling, this week’s discussion will be open ended.  You are asked to write a general reaction (minimum of a paragraph - more is welcome!) to your listening experience.  You should address considerations about the work itself, and the particular performance you listen to.  Ideas to think about: style, virtuosity, musical gestures, historical context, or anything else you think of!

Finally, for this project to prove rich as possible for all the students involved, you are asked to address at least one point brought up by another student (the first poster is excused).  While we are only requiring one posting, we hope that students will keep an eye on the discussion through the week, and we encourage as much ongoing discussion though out the week as possible.  This project is meant to be both interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

Happy listening!

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