Masterclass with Ray Chen! October, 2015

We had a fantastic time at our studio masterclass with Ray Chen!

"Ray Chen is one of the best masterclass teachers that I have had the privilege to participate in. He engages everyone not only because of all of the information he holds, but because of his bright, ecstatic personality. For this masterclass, we played pieces that he was going to play in a few days then for a recital at Lincoln Center. It was a unique experience to hear him play for us his own interpretation of the pieces we all played. This really opened my eyes to how a small section of a piece can be played in so many different ways but sound good to different ears."

-Coco, 15

Although I have played for many amazing musicians in a variety of settings, performing in a masterclass held by Ray Chen was certainly the biggest honor and privilege of my violin career thus far. He is obviously an extraordinary musician, but he is also an incredible teacher and perhaps most importantly a genuinely good person..  

 - Andrew, 17