Masterclass with Yevgency Kutik!

On October 2, we welcomed concert violinist Yevgeny Kutik to our studio for our first masterclass!  This class was extra special because Yevgeny performed the entire Bruch Concerto for us!  All of the students were able to watch up close and follow his every finger!   Afterwards, Yevgeny worked with 2 students on the Bruch and 2 on the Mendelssohn Concerto.  A wonderful and inspiring afternoon!!  

"Yevgeny's performance was very inspiring! He played with such raw passion and was full of vigor. He seemed to be 100% committed to delivering the best possible performance of the Bruch violin concerto. Seeing the classic, magnificent piece played in such a grand way was incredible. I realized I should always strive to play with the same intensity as well!"


"I thought it was great to hear him play- it gave us a sense of his musical style and brought energy to the class. I thought his comments on playing without vibrato were helpful in attaining the sound we wanted. I liked when I got to play the opening page again after his comments and feel like I was connecting more to the music."

-Sophia Winograd

"I liked how Yevgeny told me to try not to focus on the technical aspects of the piece I performed and focus more on the feeling. It helped me go more in depth into my emotions.   His performance was unlike any recording I had seen or heard before and he was amazing!"