Masterclass with Peter Winograd!

On October 22, we welcome Peter Winograd, first violinist of the American String Quartet, to our studio for a fantastic masterclass!  Mr. Winograd worked with seven students playing Bach, Tchaikovsky, Vieuxtemps, Saint-Saens, and Sarasate.

Mr. Winograd helped guide every one of our performances to the next level.  I can’t wait to work on the suggestions for the beginning phrase of my Vieuxtemps and to experiment with the bow strokes and feeling that he talked about with Adriana’s Bach to my own Bach.
-Cameron Baumann


I have learned so much from this exciting masterclass! I loved all the insightful comments about the bow strokes of Bach, the mysterious mood of Vieuxtemps, the ease of Sarasate, and of course the ballet-like playfulness in Tchaikovsky. It was also so inspiring to listen to such a fantastic violinist play for us! Mr. Winograd taught all of us so much, so that we can learn to play at peak levels. It was an incredible experience, whether we were performing or not!
-Sarah Ma

Working with Mr. Winograd was an extremely helpful experience. He was very engaging and put me at ease with his calm demeanor. His wide array of musical knowledge that he managed to share with me in that short period of time was absolutely priceless. I especially enjoyed the balance between praise and constructive criticism. His explanations were easy to comprehend and it was easy for his suggestions to click right away.  
-Nicholas Abrahams




I loved the masterclass from Mr. Winograd!  One thing I really liked was how he talked about getting into a composer's "sound world," and how it was important to work with your own instrument and understand how it worked for you. Instead of just having an idea in your head, it's important to test things out on your own instrument and factor in its limits. Everything he advised was transferable to my own experience, and I can't wait for his next masterclass!



It was an honor to play for Mr. Winograd and watch him work with several colleagues in my studio. Throughout the class, he focused not only on the music itself, but on the historical context within a piece/composer. It was a wonderful experience participating in this masterclass with such an  accomplished violinist. 

- Coco Mi

I really enjoyed the class with Mr. Winograd and I learned so much from him in just a short time. The highlight for me was how enthusiastic he was to help me improve. Mr. Winograd gave constructive pointers that helped me create a more beautiful sound in the opening of my piece. It was interesting to follow his suggestion of changing aspects of your playing based on the size of the hall. I also appreciated how he demonstrated as well as explained his ideas to me so that I could truly understand what he wanted me to try. This masterclass was an amazing opportunity and I feel fortunate to have worked with Mr. Winograd. Not only did I learn a lot about my own piece but I’m sure I’ll be able to apply what he worked on with the other students to my own playing.

- Maia Schmidt

"When a violinist works on a piece of music, its kind of like a solving a puzzle.  All of these seemingly minuscule pieces culminate in a beautiful output.  Mr. Winograd’s suggestions were integral parts of the puzzle for all of us watching and participating in the masterclass.  He suggested that I make Tchaikovsky's exposition feel and sound more relaxed.  By doing so, the performance would gain more musicality and direction.  Mr. Winograd comments brought me so much closer to solving the puzzle of learning this tremendous work of music.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with him."

- Nivi