Mental Practicing

Please read Dr. Noa Kageyama's terrific essay on mental practicing first.

Did you read it?  All of it?  Good.

I am going to give you loosely structured assignment, but feel free to break away and be creative, follow your own guidelines, etc.   I only ask that you do this as a minimum:

This blog entry will be due on or before October 6.   Over the next three weeks, please:

1.  Choose 2-3 times/week to mentally practice for EACH week.  Follow Dr. Noa's techniques, talk to your friends, ask me questions.   There is no "set" way to do it.  Just spend 20-30 minutes in a quiet place with NO distractions.  (Distractions are: PHONES, COMPUTERS, ipads, watches like Typher's, youtube, texting, eating, thinking about clothing, etc.  See me if you are confused if something falls under "distraction" or not.)

2.   You will have mentally practiced 4-6 times before Oct 6.   After each mental practicing session, please take a few notes.   What did you do?  How did it feel?  Did you choose a section and break it down?  What did you observe?

3.  After each session, go to your violin and practice the section or part that you just mentally practiced.  Do you notice any difference?

When you submit your blog, it should talk about how long you mentally practiced, what you mentally practiced, how you felt, and what you think was accomplished.   You don't have to write a lot, but mental practicing is really important and we don't do it enough!


Happy (mental) practicing! Elizabeth


Faure Listening Discussion

Listen to at least 2 different recordings of the Faure Violin Sonata. You must listen to movement 1 are encouraged to listen to all 4 movements. After you listen, please respond to these short answer questions: 1. Whose recordings did you listen to? Do you have a preference? Why?

2. Faure has been called the "French Schubert"---what does this mean?

3. What are your impressions of this sonata? Do you like it? Love it? Want to play it? My favorite part is the very opening of the first movement. What is special about this beginning?

You are not special

Please watch this video of a wonderful commencement speech that was given a few months ago, aimed at students JUST LIKE YOU!

Please answer these questions or feel free to just give a free response.

1. How did this speech make you feel?

2. What is the central message?

3. How does this apply to your VIOLIN practice?

I look forward to a lively conversation!!!

Studio Discussion #6: Dr. Noa Followup

Studio Discussion Six Wow - another stellar presentation by Dr. Noa Kageyama. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to experience such dynamic thinkers and speakers together as a studio. To help ensure that each of you come away from this experience taking full advantage of Dr. Noa's insights, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Dr. Noa's presentation this past weekend should just be the first step in each of our quests to becoming bulletproof musicians.


1. Open Ended Response: Please share your general reaction to Dr. Noa's class for five minutes. What were your impressions? What did you like? Don't worry about creating a piece of literary artwork - just react, start a dialogue!

2. List two specific ways in which your practice will change as a result of this class.